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  • huubHR

    Evolve your Excel workflow

    with an Easy-to-Use and Cost-Effective unified Human Resource Management System

    • contacts

      Custom Template

      Employee template that is tailored to your company's needs.

    • history

      PIT (Point in Time)

      Know when and what has changed in an employee profile.

    • supervisor_account

      Employee Self Service

      Let your employees submit requests to update records.

    • import_export


      Import and export information to and from MS Excel.

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  • Macbook Image
  • Leave Management

    Syncs seamlessly with your favorite web app

    Does your company need to manage an employee's leave? Or is the employee responsible enough to manage his/her own leave?

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  • King of Time

    The no.1 Real-Time Attendance System in Japan with over half a MILLION users!

    • cloud_done


      Cloud based real time attendance time management system.

    • location_on

      GPS capability

      GPS tracking with mobile clock-in & clock-out.

    • monetization_on

      Cost effectiveness

      Cost effective with no upfront or initial cost.

    • layers


      Customize and configure according to your workflow.

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We build tools that helps you keep track of employee records

A group of passionate people that cares about you & your people.

  • Masayaki Osuka
    Masayuki Osuka


    A natural, he codes as if he breathes air.
  • Eranda Karannagoda
    Eranda Karannagoda


    A floating banner evangelist.
  • Kien Weng Khaw
    Kien Weng Khaw


    An expert at awesome loading spinners.
  • John Lim
    John Lim


    while(true) {
     i.practise(lean, agile)
  • Christian Repato


    A sucker for Material Design.
  • Sameera Bandara
    Sameera Bandara


    One highly dynamic Java dude.
  • Chaturanga Namal
    Chaturanga Namal


    A springing Java specialist.
  • Thilina Herath
    Thilina Herath


    Prefers private NPM feeds and Typescript instead of native JS.
  • Dileepa Sisila
    Dileepa Sisila


    A java engineer that loves Research & Development.
  • Farhan Sekiguchi
    Farhan Sekiguchi

    Sales and Marketing

    Evolving Business Development & Marketing Strategist.
  • Tharindu Kulasinghe
    Tharindu Kulasinghe


    Really good at finding the easiest and quickest solution for an issue.
  • Nurshuhaida Suratman
    Nurshuhaida Suratman

    Business Development Executive

    Shines in maintaining and managing customer relationships.
  • Lakshitha Dilhan
    Lakshitha Dilhan


    A Java developer with high interests in radio controlled systems.
  • Sampath Basnagoda
    Sampath Basnagoda


    An enthusiastic java Engineer who thinks critically.
  • Hasala Surasinghe
    Hasala Surasinghe


    A technology enthusiast that loves tennis.
  • Lakmal Rajith
    Lakmal Rajith

    QA & Test Automation Engineer

    Passionate in QA & test automation.
  • Amila Ishara Ranatunga
    Amila Ishara Ranatunga


    Curious Innovator in Web tech.
  • Benedict Kar Pin Khoo
    Benedict Kar Pin Khoo


    A jack of all trades with a keen eye for UX.
  • person

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This team is carefully curated by

  • Kazayuki Okuhata
    Kazuyuki Okuhata
    Co-founder, CEO
  • Mitsuri IIzumi
    Mitsuru Iiizumi
    Co-founder, CTO

Working from around the world

Headquartered at Singapore

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Singapore Office

27 West Coast Highway, #02-22, 117867

  • About us

    huubap was co-founded in 2015 by 2 experienced founders Kazuyuki Okuhata and Mitsuru Iiizumi. They successfully created Japan's market leading cloud-based Time Attendance software.

    Our team is built upon trust, teamwork and each of us is passionate about our craft.

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