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Confirm work status

Work way reform, deterring long hours work, visualization of work situation

We realize real-time work status check including overseas bases as well as throughout Japan. Administrators can check work status in real time at any time, anytime, in an environment where you can connect to the Internet.

  • Daily emboss check

    You can check everyday embossing data and time data in real time. It is possible to check data in affiliation, employment classification, and employee group unit.

  • Help punch

    Help can be stamped. When you emboss with another affiliation, the help destination is displayed. In addition, it is possible to compile for each affiliation.

  • Excel data output

    Various data can be output in Excel format. Items that can output excel data.

    1. Daily data
    2. Monthly/ weekly data
    3. Error work
    4. Data by organization
    5. Schedule management
    6. Count data

King of Time

Globally Accessible Full Spectrum Real Time attendance management system

Now available for INTERNATIONAL usage!

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