King of Time App

Shift Management

Flexible schedule registration is possible according to various working modes such as shift system and fixed system. Also, you can check the number of people per schedule and the number of schedule patterns for each time zone. Employees can apply and confirm their own schedule from mobile phones and PCs.

  • Schedule Pattern Setting

    You can create any number of individual schedule patterns. You can also specify the affiliation that you can use the created pattern, and the employment classification.
    It is possible to set deemed duty, flex work, and vacation, assuming that you worked even without direct strikes, bounce back and business trips.

  • Create Schedule

    Simply schedule registration by assigning a preset schedule pattern to each employee in days, weeks, months, in arbitrary time period (maximum 3 months).
    In the case of a fixed work pattern for each day of the week and month, you can register the schedule automatically.
    You can set target values ​​by month, day of the week / time zone, and schedule registration with reference to it is also possible. It is also possible to apply for a schedule from an employee.

  • Personnel Cost Estimation Management

    By registering the unit price to the master of the employee, you can check the estimated personnel expenses according to the total result. This function allows you to check daily / weekly / monthly aggregation in real time, and can be used for personnel cost management.

  • Confirmation of Aggregation Result by Base

    Time data for each site can be confirmed in real time. By setting a schedule, we can also manage forecasts at each site so we can instantly know which base is on schedule or not.

King of Time

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