King of Time App

Payroll App Integrator

We streamline the flow from attendance management to payroll calculation

You can import employee data, administrator data, etc., export monthly data (data for payroll calculation), time card data and so on. Since it can be created from the layout, you can import and export necessary data.

  • Export function

    We use monthly data to create data for payroll calculation, such as capture into salary software mainly, and export of time card data of each employee.
    Monthly data is csv, time card data is exported by PDF, csv.
    Since it can be created from the layout, it is possible to export in accordance with each salary software.
    Also, there are no limitations on the number of layout creation, so you can also create data for analyzing data such as overtime only.
    You can also export other employee data, administrator data, organization data and so on.

  • Import function

    You can import csv style employee data, administrator data, schedule data and so on.
    Since employee data can be created from the layout and there is no limit on the number of layouts, it can be used separately from data for initial registration and data for update (used for change etc.).
    Other embossing data, affiliation data, group data etc can also be imported.

  • Excel output

    With KING OF TIME, you can output the screens such as summary data screen for day, week, month, year, vacation administration screen, schedule management screen, error work screen etc. to Excel as they are.
    It is possible to secondary process the data and use it as material.

King of Time

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