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How Can We Prevent Excessive Long Overtime Work?

How can we prevent excessive long overtime work? The first thing you need to address is visualization of overtime hours. KING OF TIME allows you to check overtime hours by monthly, weekly, yearly in real time. Since overtime hours of employees at bases and stores can be grasped from a remote head office, measures to prevent overwork and personnel adjustment can be done quickly.
In addition,
it is also possible to display a warning when the overtime set in advance is exceeded, or to automatically notify the administrator and the employee of the e-mail.

  • Setting Overtime Criteria

    You can set various overtime calculation standards such as regular overtime work, holiday overtime work, extra overtime work, etc. for each employee with different employment rules, such as employees and part-time jobs. Overtime hours can also be reflected after application / approval of overtime.

  • Confirm Overtime Hours

    When applying / approving overtime work, overtime hours are displayed after the final approver approves overtime work. If overtime such as more than 8 hours is exceeded automatically, overtime will automatically be counted in real time so overtime will be displayed instantaneously. Therefore, it is also possible to review working hours during the month. Also, by setting alerts, you can display (colors) only employees who exceeded certain overtime hours.

  • Approve Overtime

    An administrator approves / rejects overtime application from each employee from the management screen. You can also return comments to employees.

  • Overtime Management

    We calculate the stamping data in real time and overtime is instantly displayed so we can review working hours during the month. Also, by setting alert criteria, only employees who exceeded overtime overtime can be displayed (coloring can be done). Overtime overtime work, overtime work overtime can also be managed.

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