King of Time App

Multi-Industry Ready

Respond to various employment rules

KING OF TIME can grasp and manage embossing time, working hours, overtime hours etc. in real time. In addition, we support various work rules such as deformed labor of week, month, year and flex work.

  • Overtime hours management

    Standard overtime work such as ordinary overtime work, holiday overtime work, extra overtime work etc can be set for each employee with different employment rules such as employee, part time job etc.
    It is also possible to reflect overtime hours after application / approval of overtime.

  • Real time aggregation

    Data can be counted on a daily basis in real time according to employment rules set for each type of employee's employment.
    You can check the total result in affiliation, employment classification, and employee group in real time in days, weeks, months, and years. You can easily grasp working hours, late arrival / early departure times, overtime hours, personnel cost estimates, etc.

  • Utilize in the restaurant / retail industry! Time zone classification setting

    We can divide 24 hours a day up to 8 categories, and calculate company's own time classification (early morning duty, day work etc).
    You can use it for management with different hourly wage hourly.

King of Time

Globally Accessible Full Spectrum Real Time attendance management system

Now available for INTERNATIONAL usage!

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