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Leave Management

Vacation Management Function

Various holidays such as paid vacation, substitute holidays, holidays, summer vacation, condolence vacation, corporate unique leave, can be managed without restriction on the number. It also supports various rules such as time unit, acquisition in half day, expiration date.

  • Confirmation of Vacation Acquisition Status

    The administrator can check the vacation acquisition status for each employee in the list. Employees can check the number of days of vacation acquisition, the number of remaining days, and the acquisition rate in real time from their time card screen.

  • Vacation Increase/ Decrease Management

    Paid Leave
    From the  number of contract days, number of days of work, etc., paid leave can be automatically granted on the basis of company hire date, or on a specific day basis, and the remaining number of days can be managed.

    Temporary Holidays, etc.
    When you are on holiday workers, you can automatically grant a certain leave such as holidays.  Depending on holiday working hours, it is also possible to divide grants for one day and grants for one day.
    Various vacations can be obtained in hours, half a day, or per day.

  • Create Original Vacation

    You can create as many vacation types as you want, so you can manage as many vacations as you like for that company. For leave with an expiration date, it is also possible to notify you by e-mail a day before the expiration.

    Expiration of paid vacation E-mail is notified 60 days and 30 days before.

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