King of Time App

Workflow (Application / Approval)

Employees or administrators can apply for embossing time, overtime, vacation, schedule etc. on behalf of employees. Up to 5 stages of application / approval flow can be established.

  • Applicable Items

    Application approval function include:

    1. Schedule application (including vacation application)
    2. Embossing application
    3. Overtime application
    4. Attendance review application
    5. Employee registration application

    There are 5 types.
    The administration can perform approval work simply by selecting approval/ rejection

  • Correspond to Various Application/ Approval Rules

    Make the message input (application reason) essential at the time of application, the message can be input from the approver to the applicant for the contents of the application, E-mail is notified to the applicant, approver at the time of application / approval / rejection, the application / approval flow can be up to 5 levels It is possible to set up rules for application / approval according to operation rules, such as can be set up.

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