King of Time App

Alert Function

Pick up and display data under certain conditions, such as displaying alerts when overtime hours, late arrival times, etc. exceed a certain value on the basis of time and number of days, displaying data that can not be calculated such as forgetting to punch etc. You can.

  • Alert Display

    • When the overtime of the month exceeds 30 hours
    • When the number of late times exceeds 3
    • When the overtime hours of the month are 20 hours and the holiday work days exceeds 2 days

    the specified conditions You can display a summary value that meets or does not meet with a color.
    Utilizing this alert function, for example, it is possible to detect excessive work beforehand and quickly deal with it.

  • Check Error Data

    Those that can not calculate time, such as forgetting the stamping of an employee, having a stamp on a holiday, are displayed as errors in the list.
    Since it is possible to check in real time, there is no thing that the work concentrates on the closing day.
    As for the forgetting of embossing, it is also possible to notify employees and managers of e-mails.

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