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Administrator Authority Function

KING OF TIME can freely create administrators with various operational authorities according to their roles. No matter how many administrators you create, it will not affect your usage fee.

  • Examples of Creating Administrators

    You an set the authority to manaage employee settings, schedule management, embossation time management, data output, etc. in units of administrator's main authority affiliation (department, office, etc.) employment classification (full-time employee, part time job, etc.).


    • Manage the shop by giving the store manager all editing authority on the employee of the shop.
    • Area managers can browse data, edit data, and tighten data of stores to be controlled.
    • Grant viewing and approval authority to the section chief, and manage attendance data of the department. We also manage the editorial authority given to the director.

  • Administrator Operation Log

    Operation logs are left for modification of the emboss data done by the administrator and correction of the schedule. The full authority administrator can check what kind of operation was performed by each administrator.

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